Buying a home is probably the most valuable investment anyone will make in their life. And Redline Inspections LLC is here to help you by performing a thorough and detailed inspection that will give you the piece of mind you deserve!


Redline Inspections LLC...

is a 100% Firefighter owned and operated business. Here at Redline we want to offer our customers the best possible services by people you already trust. Our services include New home inspections, new to you home inspections, condo inspections, one year warranty inspections, pre listing consultations, Wood Destroying insect inspections, Pool Inspections, sprinkler inspections, and Septic Inspections. David Davis TREC#22114 is the owner and operator of Redline Inspections LLC and Redline Pest Defense LLC. With over 20 years in the Fire Service and construction industry, and hundreds of inspections performed, David will use the knowledge gained to help you make the right decision on your next purchase! We believe in keeping the clients informed and involved throughout the entire process. From scheduling to the final presentation, David will keep you involved and make a thorough presentation to help clear up any concerns found during the inspection. We love for our clients to at least arrive for the last 30 mins of the inspection so we can give a face to face presentation and discuss all findings. In our experience this clears a lot of confusion up and leaves the buyer with increased understanding of the Standards of Practice that we are required to report on per the Texas Real Estate Commission. When buying a home you want an Inspector that will have the utmost attention to detail so any unforeseen future expenses can be limited. David promises to do that and to explain in person any findings as well as preventative maintenance tips! He also will complete and send the report to you onsite as to assist you in expediting any needed repairs. It is hard to put a a value on piece of mind when it comes to buying a new home, but Redline offers competitive and affordable pricing to their clients as well as a discount for military, fire, police , and school teachers!



We do new home inspections.


We do WDI inspections.

We will inspect any home that is new to you. 

We do condo inspections.​

We do pre-listing consultation.​

We do One Year Warranty Inspections.

We do Pool/Spa Inspections.

We do Sprinkler Inspections.

We do Septic Inspections.

We do Onsite Reporting.

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