Who We Are?


Redline Pest Defense is a 100% Fire Fighter owned and operated pest control company. David Davis has over 20 years in the Fire Service and has dedicated his life to serving others. His dedication to public service and helping people solve their problems in a time of need is what makes Redline Pest Defense different from the other companies. Just like the emergency calls that he makes in the Fire Service, each call for pest service is unique and requires a unique approach to have a favorable outcome. A lot of pest control companies that provide service do the same old routine at each house regardless of the situation. That is why they can afford to charge the very affordable rates that attract some homeowners. This can make the problem much worse and cost more money in the long run. Sometimes the situation might just need some physical correction and not require a chemical treatment at all. David will use a unique approach to Integrated Pest Management to tailor make a Defense Strategy for your Home! Redline Pest Defense is proudly based in Midlothian, but defends homes all over the DFW area!

About David

David Davis is the owner and operator of Redline Pest Defense. He is a Captain at the Richardson Fire Dept with over 20 years of service. He oversees the Hazardous Materials response team and has over 25 years in construction experience. He is also a Professional Home Inspector licensed through TREC #22114. His experience in construction, chemical compatibility, and Home Inspections sets him apart from the rest. David and his wife Morgan have 4 children ranging from college all the way to elementary school and are very active in the community. His wife Morgan works at Parkland Hospital in Dallas as a Lead Respiratory Therapist so they are both no strangers when it comes to helping others.

Why Choose redline?

  • Eco Friendly Control Methods
    Redline Pest Defense only uses the safest and Eco friendly pest control technologies to defend your home so you and your pets can enjoy your home pest free!
  • Licensed & Protected
    David is Licensed though the TDA for Pest Control and TREC as a Home Inspector. Redline Pest Defense is also insured to protect you and your property.
  • Fast & Efficient Pest Removal
    Fast and Efficient Pest Removal done right the first time! We pride ourselves at finding out your unique pest situation and using the right method to get the job done!
  • Trusted Public Servant
    Let the People you already trust Defend your home! Redline Pest Defense is 100% Fire Fighter Owned and operated, with over 20 years in Public Service!

Our Mission

At Redline Pest Defense our mission is to provide the Highest quality pest control service to our clients without sacrificing the safety or health of their families, pets, or the environment. Our dedication and compassion for the people we serve and the environment is steadfast.